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Our Fast 3 Step Bail Out of Jail Process:

1. Low Initial Payment

With little or no collateral you simply pay a small amount of the full bail bond amount to begin the inmate release process.

2. Custom Payment Plan

We’ll work with you to create a payment option that fits your financial situation. We have plans to fit every budget.

3. Secure Inmate Release

We present the court with the full bond amount owed and quickly secure the release of you or your loved one.

Get Fast Bail Bonds Help in Phoenix and Maricopa County Now!

Dealing with a situation where someone you know and love is in jail can be frightening. It is even worse when the person in jail is you. While this is not an ideal situation to be in, there are ways to get yourself out as soon as possible. With the help of Didn't Do It Bail Bonds in Phoenix, AZ, it's possible to make sure you can get past this down point in your life regardless of how scary it is. We take the time to put together a quick solution, so you can get back home with your loved ones around you. Our team focuses on coming up with the funds needed to get you out of jail to prepare for your upcoming court date.

In most cases, putting up the funds for your bond can be difficult due to how expensive it is. For those who are worried about how costly it's going to be, it's time to reach out to a qualified bail bondsman. We are committed to offering a wide array of payment options to make sure you find something that works well for your particular situation. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get access to the funds starting with our convenient Downtown Phoenix location serving - Phoenix & Maricopa County. There is always someone available around the clock and you can give us a call knowing a representative will pick up right away. With Didn't Do It, you will know the funds are going to be available as soon as you need them to be.

What Takes Place Once You're Arrested in Phoenix?

As soon as a person is arrested in Maricopa County, they are going to be handcuffed and taken directly to the Phoenix Police Station. Once you have settled into the police station, it's time to get started with the booking process. This is when a person is going to be fingerprinted, a mugshot will be taken, and additional questions are going to be asked about the individual's background. This includes putting all of the data into the computer system.

This process tends to take at least 1-2 hours depending on how busy the police station is. After the booking process, it's time to have the individual placed in a jail cell and / or taken to one of the other Maricopa County jails. There are times where the individual may be taken to a larger jail, which means the bail process has to wait for at least 12 hours.

Why are Phoenix Bail Bonds Helpful?

If someone you love or you are arrested in PHX it's important to reach out to a qualified team that knows how to help. As soon as the bail amount has been set, you are going to want to find a good solution to get you or your loved one out. This gives you enough time to prepare for the court date without being in jail. Once the bail is set, it is important to pay the amount to leave jail. There are times when the bail amount may be set at an astronomical number that is difficult to afford. This is why we are a good fit.

All it takes is one phone call and we are going to get started on your case. This includes building a strategy to make sure you or your loved one is out without putting you in a dire situation financially. We often take a small percentage of the bail amount upfront along with collateral assets (i.e. car, home). As soon as these details are approved, we will make sure everything is taken care of. If you go to court to face your charges, we will return the collateral as agreed.

Who Sets the Bail Amount?

As soon as the arrest is made, there is a bail hearing set up. This is when the judge is going to take a look at the case details, go through everything, and then set the bail amount for the individual. A lot of details are analyzed when it comes to setting the bail and there are specific questions that the judge is going to ask such as:

  • Does the Defendant have an Extensive Criminal Record?

  • Is the individual a flight risk?

  • Are there specific family obligations the individual has to attend to?

  • Does the individual have a positive reputation in the community?

  • Does the individual pose a risk to the public?

It's important to look into these details to make sure the bail goes through. Several restrictions can be put on an individual including firearm restrictions, travel restrictions, and/or no-contact restrictions. If these rules are broken, you will end up back in jail right away.

Bail Bonds Process in Phoenix

In the beginning, there is going to be a waiting period of 1-2 hours as the judge sets your bail amount. In the state of Arizona, the bail can be set at any time of the day and the weekends. For those who are trying to bail a loved one out, it's important to wait for the booking process to finish before moving forward with the funding.

After the individual has been booked into jail, you can take the time to reach out to the jail and learn more about your options. This includes the bail amount cited by the judge.

As soon as you know what the bail amount is, feel free to reach out to one of our representatives immediately. We are available 24/7 in Phoenix and Maricopa County. You will also require additional information such as:

  • The charges listed on the person's record

  • Where the person is being held

  • The individual's date of birth

  • The individual's booking number

As soon as all of this information has been processed, we will begin working on getting your loved one back home.

Payment Options for Phoenix Bail Bonds

Our team is legally compliant and goes through the established process as cited by the Arizona State Law, which means you are only going to be charged 10% of the bail amount.

We want to make sure you have as many options to choose from as possible during this tough situation. As a result, we provide a long list of payment plans for our bail bonds. Take the time to speak to a trusted representative at one of our locations to learn more.

Reasons to Call Didn't Do It Bail Bonds in Phoenix

Our team at Didn't Do It recognizes how frightening it can be to deal with an arrest. We take pride in making sure our clients feel safe and comforted during this tough time in their lives and it starts by offering great customer service. We want to take away your stress rather than making things worse. As soon as the call comes in, we get started on initiating the funding process. We make sure to help guide you through the process while staying legally compliant. We are more than happy to personalize the plan and make sure it works with your budget.

We recognize how essential it is to get your loved one out of jail. This is why we have all of the relevant information ready to go, so you can choose a payment option best-suited to your needs. As soon as a choice is made, we begin working on getting the funds ready immediately.

Bail Bonds in Phoenix - Top of the Line Customer-Friendly Solutions

It doesn't matter whether it's late at night or early in the morning, we have a representative ready to assist at a moment's notice. We are open 24/7 and offer access to us near downtown Phoenix in Arizona.

For those wanting to get their loved one out of jail in Maricopa County, give us a call right away. Regardless of what crime you or your loved one is in for, we can help. We have a team of trusted staff members that speak both English and Spanish making the process as easy as it needs to be.

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By far one of my favorite place for bonds. Great staff from Stella or Willie and everyone else. They are fast, efficient, and efficient.

Curtis Jackson

This is the only Bail Bonds you need to call. They will help get you out of jail faster than any other Bail Bonds. I was out in 8 hrs after posting bond.

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If you need help posting a bond for your loved one you HAVE to call Didn't Do It Bail Bonds! They will get the job done!! Jessica was awesome can't thank her enough!!!!

Shineeta Givens

Best bail bonds! Not saying go out and get in trouble but I'm saying if you do they're the ones to call, professional, understanding and helpful and will do everything to get you out as soon as possible

Dwayne Dana

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