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Bail Procedure

The simple three steps below detail exactly how the bail process works.

1. Bail Amount Set by the Court

Judge in Court Room

After an arrested, a Judge holds the responsibility of setting a bail amount. By simply calling a Phoenix Bail Bonds agent immediately after bond is set, we can get you released and out of jail as quickly as possible.

2. Call Phoenix Bail Bonds

Call Phoenix Bail Bonds

After the Judge sets your bail amount the first thing you need to do is contact a Phoenix Bail Bonds agent. Our experienced and professional agents will help you to understand the process of bonding, which will include everything that pertains to your individual case. Simply give us the defendant’s name and the name of the jail or city where they are located and we will go to work immediately.

3. Process & Finalize Inmate Release

Get Released From Jail Form

We then work with you or your loved one and secure the release of your loved one from jail. We work with you to create an individual plan that fits your situation, we offer different collateral and no collateral programs to help almost every situation.

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Bail Rates & Payment Flexibility

Lowest Allowed Industry Standard Rate

Phoenix Bail Bonds offers the lowest bond rates in Arizona. Our minimum premium is just $150 flat and our administrative fee is only $50 for first bond $25 each additional bond. We have plenty of experience in the industry, and we truly care about our clients which is why we do not make up fees or overcharge our clients. What we are concerned about is getting them out of jail fast!

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